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400 Planets is the name of my Zazzle store. Zazzle is a “print on demand” website that, with the use of cutting edge technology, enables individuals to create their own unique style, in an almost endless variety of products.

Whether you are looking for a special birthday gift for a friend who’s into skateboards, or are planning a wedding and need some invitations, or need some colorful throw pillows for your living room—Zazzle is the place!

Designer Kendama Drinkware

Top 100 Zazzle Sites

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ComboBox: Using VBA to Programmatically Populate the List

This article discusses applying VBA to Windows MS Access 2007 form controls.

A ComboBox is a Windows control made of two parts: a text portion and a list. A text box is used to display a selection made from a list of items. A list box displays a list of items, usually in one column, but a list box can also be configured to display more than one column.

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