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7 Steemit Tips for Steemians Based on Lessons Learned by Me

**Hi Steemians and Busyists and eSteemians and Utopians,**

We are lucky that while billions of people are wasting time of Facebook and Twitter etc, we are on Steemit or Busy.org or Utopian.io or eSteem; making contributions to the community and earning cryptocurrency due to the benevolent nature of Steem’s economy.

*PS: I mostly post from Steemit.com or eSteem app by @good-karma but I recently had my first contribution approved on @uopian-io. This post is my first one on @busy.org and I am pleased to be here.*

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Holiday Planet: Abraham Lincoln 1858, Pop Art Interpretation

Abe Lincoln light switch

I love the holidays! My Zazzle sales explode. Sold this light switch cover in November from my Holiday Planet store.

There are various ways to do the Andy Warhol pop art affect digitally. You can buy scripts or do something by hand. For this design, in Photoshop, I selected parts of the image individually and added colors with a brush or paint bucket tool.

Blue Punk Angel Hr

design process stages


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The Affordable Care Act, Still Law

What You Should Know When Purchasing Health Insurance

Tom Toles TrumpCare Cartoon

Source: Tom Toles, GoComics

Despite his best efforts, DJT has not succeeded in repealing his predecessor’s historic achievement, The Affordable Care Act.

It’s time once again to sign up for a health plan if you purchase insurance on the health care exchanges. Starting Wednesday, the federal exchange will be open in 39 states over the next six weeks. In other states and the District of Columbia, you’ll have even longer. No doubt, many people find the status of the ACA to be confusing. The Trump administration has actively sabotaging the health law and has slashed the Affordable Care Act’s marketing budget.

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The Affordable Care Act, Zazzle Designs

Some Interesting Personalized Designs Promoting the ACA

Print-On-Demand websites like Zazzle and Redbubble are useful websites for those who want to create designs with a message. You can express your beliefs and maybe make some money at the same time.

Source: ACA_Enrollment_2017

ACA Enrollment Stickers – Red Hot Resistance
Help get the word out about the ACA enrollment period with these red hot stickers!


Source: ACA_Enrollment_2017

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”Stay Away From The Suicide Game BlueWhale ”

hello steemit friends,


Hope you all already know about the deadly game name Bluewhale

Blue whale 🐋 game has started using a phone number please don’t call or receive any call or message from this blue 🐋 whale number +917574999093 Forward this to as much contact as possible.

Don’t click any link naming “popcorn carnival”.Its the hidden link for the blue whale challenge. They’ll hack ur mobile and blackmail you to play blue whale game…share as much as possible.don’t be lazy to share…maybe ur friends r relative may suffer.

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The Influence of a Righteous Woman

Real Housewife Alumna Uses Fame and Fortune to Aid Puerto Rico

M. Russell Ballard Quote

Source: Daily Kos (quote from M. Russell Ballard Quote)

Amid the disheartening news reports about the Trump Administration’s malfeasance in aiding Puerto Rico after the hurricane, I found an article on The Daily Kos about Bethenny Frankel, a former Real Housewives star, who is using her money and influence to raise millions of dollars for Puerto Rico and organize a mammoth relief effort—personally supervising the transport of food, water, and other supplies.

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Get Udemy PAID courses for FREE with coupon code. Subject: Photo Editing & Design

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 55000 courses and 15 million students.
Udemy provides video learning courses on various demanding topics for both Free and Paid.


Today I like to share some PAID courses for free using coupon code. Check the following courses before the coupon code expire.

SUBJECT: Photo Editing & Design

01. Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop

02. Photoshop for Entrepreneurs – Design 11 Practical Projects

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Gene Catlow, Furry Comic Strip By Albert Temple

My Favorite Webcomic

Gene Catlow webcomic gif

Gene Catlow is a semi-weekly furry comic strip by Albert Temple and Tawana Gilroy. The main characters in the strip are their fursonas, Gene Catlow and Catswhisker.
Source: Gene Catlow at Keenspot

grey and red graphic rule

July 2000 to December 2016

Gene Catlow debuted on Keenspot in July 2000, but I’ve only been reading it for a few years. On discovering this webcomic, I decided that Gene Catlow was pretty special and, since then, have been reading one episode everyday. The last episode created by Albert Temple was published in December 2016, followed by a few episodes done by his fiance and collaborator Tawana Gilroy.

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ColorChallenge 📷 Friday SkyBLUE – The skies in Mallorca

Somewhere in the middle of the no-where…

**So much skies, so much rock, so much blue…**
Can you spot the line where the sky meets the sea?

The picture been made by @onealfa on Sept 21, 2017, near Coll Dels Reis, Mallorca, Balearic islands, Spain., using E-M1 MarkII & 12-40mm F2.8, M.Zuiko , at 1/1000, F/6.7, ISO-400 {click for full size}

Do you like my photos?
If so, check my blog (there are some more).


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Apache Trail No. 1, a Silver Age Western Comic

Discovering a Lost Gem

Apache Trail #1

This Silver Age Western Comic was published in 1957 by Steinway Comic Pub. Inc. with artwork by Ken Battefield.
Source: Comic Book Plus and Grand Comics Database (GCD)

Native American on Horseback with Rifle

In June 2016, I discovered this beautiful comic book cover featuring an American Indian on horseback firing a rifle. I was immediately taken with this image; the dynamic lines and the beautiful color combinations impressed me as something special that I should share on my The Ninth Art store.

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