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Make Your Own MS Access Switchboard With the Tab Control

Several years ago when I started using MS Access regularly for my personal use, I used the Access built-in switchboard (sort of a main menu or table of contents) to organize my forms, reports and other objects. The Access-generated switchboard was a convenient way to create a special form that used macros to open various objects; it look nice and was easier than creating something from scratch. The Access switchboard worked for a while, but as I added more forms and reports, categories and subcategories, it became clear to me that the built-in switchboard was more trouble than it was worth.

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ComboBox: Using VBA to Programmatically Populate the List

This article discusses applying VBA to Windows MS Access 2007 form controls.

A ComboBox is a Windows control made of two parts: a text portion and a list. A text box is used to display a selection made from a list of items. A list box displays a list of items, usually in one column, but a list box can also be configured to display more than one column.

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