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Positioning a Switchboard in MsAccess

I am a longtime Access user. MicroSoft Access database application is part of MicroSoft’s Office Suite. I’m still using Office 97 and Access 2002 because I can’t afford to upgrade. I use my Access all the time for personal and business purposes. I love the ease of use. I can create a customized mini-app in a day, with a nice looking form based on a relational data table, a graphical interface and a one-to-one or a one-to-many subform. I have several MDBs (Microsoft Access Database) files, each organizes a separate category of information.

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ComboBox: Using VBA to Programmatically Populate the List

This article discusses applying VBA to Windows MS Access 2007 form controls.

A ComboBox is a Windows control made of two parts: a text portion and a list. A text box is used to display a selection made from a list of items. A list box displays a list of items, usually in one column, but a list box can also be configured to display more than one column.

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