Selwyn Hughes wrote in the same edition of Every Day with Jesus, ‘ There is a general agreement amongst educators that basically there are three methods of ‘knowing’:


Intuition is internally felt certainty. Sometimes we ‘know’ that a certain way to do something is right even though we have no objective reason for our actions. That is intuition.

Rational thought helps us come up with good reasons why we should do what we do. Here logic and reason prevail.

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Rare Golden Age Romance Comic

Diversity in Golden Age Comics

Negro Romance #2

Source: Rare Golden Age Romance Comic at The Ninth Art store
Scanned Image: Comic Book Plus

Negro Romance #2

In February 2017, I discovered a beautiful photographic comic book cover and decided to make that the next design for my The Ninth Art Zazzle store. February being Black History Month, I had intended to use a super hero or sci-fi comic as my source, but couldn’t find any public domain comics in those genres with black leads. But the minute I laid eyes on Negro Romance #2, I knew I’d found my new subject.

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Steemit Advice – Check as many Posts as you can on Steemit – Not just Trending and Hot

If you want to really grow on steemit you need to check as many posts as you can, because you can find very interesting propositions, sometimes just easy contests or giveaways, or new interesting tools, or important news about our social media.

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Ello’s Defending Daca Page


Dreams of Staying by thomcat23 at Ello

Ello is a showcase for innovative visual art…

Pinterest for Artists

For those of you who are not familiar with Ello, Wikipedia describes it thusly:

[Ello] was created as an ad-free alternative to existing social networks. Recently, it has pivoted away from its earlier Facebook-like incarnation towards a Pinterest-like website showcasing art, photography, fashion and web culture.

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Lovely visit to Howell Living History Farm in New Jersey yesterday!

This beautiful and educational living museum is only 10-15 minutes away from where we live, just over the bridge into New Jersey.

We had a really nice visit, and wanted to share it with you. All the photos were taken by my husband, Bruce.





![Howell Living History Farm.png](

Screenshot of webpage for

The grounds are lovely and relaxing, a quiet and slow pace here. The animals are healthy and accessible. There is no admission charged. Great place to take the children!

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My Facebook ID Got Hacked. Some Precautions To Avoid From Being Hacked

[Img Source](

Today I Wake Up and Open My Facebook it Opened Normally as Usual Then I Left My PC Running For Two Three Or Four Hours Than Suddenly I started to Get Notification About Unknown groups that I had never requested to join. The names of Groups were in an Unknown language that language was not Understandable for me. Then I suspect that there is something wrong with my account but I Ignored that I think that it is might Possible that I have requested that groups in Past. I got At Least 50 60 group approval notifications.I Thought that It was nothing to concern about.

Then Due To some reason here happened to electricity failure due to Weather and it is usual in Pakistan. My PC turned off. After That when I got the Electricity supply again. I turned on My PC, opened Google Chrome and Open a Facebook in A tab I was Shocked to see that Facebook was Asking to Log in Again it was Very strange because My password was saved in Google Chrome So it always keeps me log in. I thought Ok! No Problem Because of Some Reason It is asking.I Entered My Log in Details Facebook Replied That Your Account Has Been Blocked Some Body knows your Password And He Just Used You Account. I was Astonished to look that. 1st I Thought That How it is Possible that How anybody can know my log in Details. Fortunately, I Got Successful In Recovering My Account. But always It is Not Possible.

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Pink and Violet Roses—Customized Party Supplies

Personalized Party Supplies On Demand

Joel Pett 2017 Labor Day Cartoon

Since 2014, I’ve been earning a little money every month by creating designs for the POD (print-on-demand) company Zazzle.

Pink and Violet Roses—Party Supplies

Currently, I have three Zazzle stores. In this post, I would like to feature one of my favorite designs from my 400 Planets store.

The Main Image—a Colorful Seamless Pattern

Last year, I designed a flower print or seamless pattern. I use two rose stamps and generated a random pattern using PhotoShop’s Random Fill tool. After generating a pleasing variety of roses, I completed the design with a muted blue-to-brown gradient background.

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Jughead, Bughead, And The Need For Asexual & Aromantic Heroes In Comics

Queer representation in comics has been making small but appreciable advances in recent years, but there are some queer identities that comics and all media seem to struggle to get to grips with. Asexuals — people who do not experience sexual attraction — and aromantics — people who do not experience romantic attraction — are still incredibly rarely represented in fiction, with Archie Comics’ Jughead one of the few notable examples.

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Costume Drama: The Ever-Changing Look of America Chavez

After a couple of years as the undisputed champion of ‘character most bafflingly lacking their own comic’, Ms America Chavez finally has a solo title. With the second issue about to land, it’s a good time to look at one of the very best things about the character: her costume design.

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‘Riverdale’ Post-Show Analysis, Season 1 Episode 8: ‘The Outsiders’

This week, Veronica throws a party, Alice Cooper throws a righteous fit, and a couple of guys throw punches at Moose. Poor Moose. Guy just wanted to lift some rocks. “The Outsiders” was written by Julia Cohen and directed by David Katzenberg.

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This page is sponsored by The Ninth Art. For the best in personalized gifts, home decor and party supplies, shop The Ninth Art

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