Positioning a Switchboard in MsAccess

I am a longtime Access user. MicroSoft Access database application is part of MicroSoft’s Office Suite. I’m still using Office 97 and Access 2002 because I can’t afford to upgrade. I use my Access all the time for personal and business purposes. I love the ease of use. I can create a customized mini-app in a day, with a nice looking form based on a relational data table, a graphical interface and a one-to-one or a one-to-many subform. I have several MDBs (Microsoft Access Database) files, each organizes a separate category of information.

Today I opened my Micro Niche MDB to continue work on the PDF form I started a couple of days ago. I use a switchboard in all of my MDBs. A switchboard, in Access terms, is a special form that acts as a desktop (shortcut holder) for all of one’s most often used forms, tables, reports, etc. I used to use the switchboard that came with the Access samples, but I found it frustating to customize and update. A couple of years ago I created my own and replaced the labels and textboxes from the sample with buttons, not as pretty but a lot easier to deal with.

I was going to start right away on finishing my PDF form (a way to organize all the “how to” pdfs I’ve been collecting), but then I got really annoyed when I couldn’t find an easy way to make my switchboard appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Having been constantly disappointed with Access’s Help file, I tried Google first, but didn’t find anything specific. So, I tried Help again, here is what I found on the Move Method page:

If Forms(0).Moveable Then
    Forms(0).Move _
        Left:=0, Top:=0, Width:=400, Height:=300
    MsgBox "The form cannot be moved."
End If

The above code gave me a good starting-off point. Here is my final code:

Private Sub Form_Activate()

    Me.Move Left:=8400, Top:=-400, Width:=6715, Height:=7000

End Sub

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