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The Ether Review #63—Meet DAD, the Digital Aussie Dollar

In Brief: Tokenizing fiat currency in a way that is compatible with our existing financial infrastructure and legislation is no easy feat. The consequences however reach across the entirety of industry, the economy, and society.

Nick Addison is the CTO of AgriDigital, an agricultural finance company first covered in episode 45 of TER. As part of his work at AgriDigital, Nick is researching ways to port the existing financial infrastructure into the blockchain age. It?’?s not easy, but as the inventory of tools grows, so do the number of possible solutions to the problems Nick has uncovered.In this episode we look at a prospective architecture for a Digital Australian Dollar (DAD), the problems with implementing that architecture and the consequences of making such a transition. It?’?s a great tour through the solution space of today.

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The Crypto Show with Mike Eymer, Colorado Cannabis Tours & Scrooge McAltcoin on Mycelium ICO

Tonight we talk with Mike Eymer about his ground floor start up in Cannabis tourism. Mike had the foresight to set this up before legalization of marijuana in Colorado even took effect. Now his business Colorado Cannabis Tours is not only thriving during the green rush but expanding to Las Vegas and beyond.The second hour a former Mycelium employee drops the dirt on Mycelium :)Just kidding Scrooge McAltcoin drops a few funny lines about Mycelium and much more.

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The Tatiana Show—Ryan Dawson Of

Tatiana interviews Ryan Dawson of the One of the best episodes yet, please share!

Topics Include:

–“The Antiwar Movement”

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179—Thomas Voegtlin: Blocksize, Bitcoin Unlimited, ASICBoost and Activating SegWit

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Years into the great Bitcoin scaling debate no solution is in reach. Neither bigger blocks nor Segregated Witness have anywhere near consensus support. With the conflict escalating, a Bitcoin fork has become a real possibility.

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Jeff CoinGun Smith & Charlie Shrem

Jeff CoinGun Smith of the Dash Dev. Team and Bitcoin Entrepreneur Charlie Shrem join the show to talk about the latest developments with Dash. Jeff covers Dash vending machines and the latest on the Masternode system and Evolution. Charlie covers his proposal to the Dash network for a Dash branded debit card including features and time to get all done.

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The Tatiana Show Interviews Mark Dukas

Tatiana interviews Caitlin Long of & Mark Dukas of!

Topics Include:

–“How Bitcoin Has Changed Mainstream Finance”

–“The Reaction of Finance to Blockchains”

–“Bitcoin Allows Everyone to Invest for Once”

–“Sticking Within Bitcoin”

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XRP’s Future for Cross-Border Payments

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For a long time the native asset of the Ripple network XRP was the cryptocurrency with the second biggest market cap. But with much of the supply controlled by Ripple, it remained surrounded by controversy. Still, XRP remains an interesting asset to enable cross-border payments in the future. Miguel Vias recently joined Ripple after a long career on Wall Street to develop XRP as a liquid and widely accepted asset.

Topics discussed in this episode:

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The Ether Review #59: Money Talks

By now word of the Andreessen-Horowitz/Union Square Ventures investment in the digital asset hedge fund Polychain Capital was reached far and wide across the cryptoverse. Among other things, this interview with founders Olaf Carlson-Wee and Ryan Zurrer explores the questions that must be asked while establishing a long term crypto portfolio. Much of the discussion is especially pertinent in light of the recent ETH jump and fork concerns with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoins & Gravy EP #91: Digital Value System Linking!

On today’s show I interview Joachim de Koning the founder of Internet of Coins.

The goal of Internet of Coins is to create a comprehensive environment for personal finance that gives everyone access to all of the world?’?s Digital value systems. The platform is designed to connect all cryptographic ledgers and to integrate all token systems into an interconnected web through an open source financial networking agent, called hybridd.

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Technology and Choice #15 Ryan X. Charles

In this Episode

The hope of Bitcoin enabling fast, frictionless micropayments is one of the promises of the technology that has excited us all. But it’s been a long time coming and, especially in Bitcoin, it has seemed a long way off.

Enter Ryan X. Charles and “Yours.” Yours is a social media platform that will enable true micropayments that can get everyone that contributes value to the platform to get paid, proportional to the value given. Not a new idea, but Yours is about to prove it will happen. Ryan says the tech is solid and will allow Bitcoin micropayments within the Yours ecosystem without changing the Bitcoin core code, and is soon going into public testing on the TestBitcoin network.

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