Workaway Nr 5 (500 Sp delegated for a month x2 )


The doors are open for “workaway Nr 5”!



With the help of @reggaemuffin from @minnowbooster there will be 2 winners again this time.


What am I looking for?


I am looking for minnows, who are bringing something to the steemit table. This something can be your content, your engagement or your steemit promotion for example. Or a mix between all those things or something I cant think of.

If you have proven yourself a bit you have definitely an advantage. This should not be a quick money grab. I want to support people who have the desire to build something for themselves and others with this platform and are willing to work for it. A small kick start if you like. Steemians who understand that we are all in this together.

In the comments, you can give me an idea what you are about.

There are some rules


– no excessive self voting (upvoting your own content is, of course, fine and some comments of yours if they are good and one can see you put work into this comment
– you are not in power down modus
– you are not brand new ( I want to know that the participants know what they are in for)
– no “nice post” “follow4follow” or vote begging spam
– you need to resteem this post

I will not remind you of those.


The 2 winners will get 500SP for 4 weeks delegated to their account and so be able to add more value to the work of others and yourself.

A friendly reminder : I will have a look from time to time into your account if I am unsatisfied I will undelegate earlier.

Previous winners



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