The Affordable Care Act, Zazzle Designs

Some Interesting Personalized Designs Promoting the ACA

Print-On-Demand websites like Zazzle and Redbubble are useful websites for those who want to create designs with a message. You can express your beliefs and maybe make some money at the same time.

Source: ACA_Enrollment_2017

ACA Enrollment Stickers – Red Hot Resistance
Help get the word out about the ACA enrollment period with these red hot stickers!

Source: ACA_Enrollment_2017

Funny Republican GOP Healthcare Plan for Tennesseans and the nation alike. #1-Be Rich #2-Don’t get sick #3-Go Bankrupt #4- Die Already.

Source: brendamoffittphoto

Women More Than a Pre-Existing Condition TrumpCare Classic Round Sticker

Source: TxCowboyDancer Designs

Nurse “Rosie” says “Healthcare is a Human Right!” Bumper Sticker
Rosie the Riveter dons a nurse’s uniform to make a point: Healthcare is a Human Right! Universal Healthcare NOW! Because Rosie is such an iconic figure, she has made appearances in support of a wide variety of causes since her image first became so well known during WWII. Now she is working in support of basic health care for all. Side with Rosie and show your support for universal healthcare and/or the Affordable Care Act with by displaying this wonderful design. This design is a derivative created by donkeyhotey on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. Donkeyhotey based the design on a World War II Poster, We Can Do It! aka Rosie the Riveter, created by the Office for Emergency Management and the War Production Board, an image which is in the public domain from The U.S. National Archives.

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