The Affordable Care Act, Still Law

What You Should Know When Purchasing Health Insurance

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Despite his best efforts, DJT has not succeeded in repealing his predecessor’s historic achievement, The Affordable Care Act.

It’s time once again to sign up for a health plan if you purchase insurance on the health care exchanges. Starting Wednesday, the federal exchange will be open in 39 states over the next six weeks. In other states and the District of Columbia, you’ll have even longer. No doubt, many people find the status of the ACA to be confusing. The Trump administration has actively sabotaging the health law and has slashed the Affordable Care Act’s marketing budget.

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The things that people like are still there—things like protections for people who have preexisting conditions, subsidies, help for people with their premiums. And subsidies that the President canceled the payments to the insurers for—those are actually still in the law. So if you earn less than about $30,000, you’ll get help not just with your premiums, but also with your deductibles and your other out-of-pocket costs. They are still there for consumers, even though the federal government is no longer paying the insurance companies back.

Shop Around, Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

In the past, if you had a plan that you were happy with and you didn’t do anything, you would be automatically re-enrolled in that plan. Well, this year, that re-enrollment’s going to happen after the end of open enrollment. So if you get re-enrolled into a plan that you don’t like, you won’t be able to change it.

The best thing you can do is get started as soon as possible. Figure out what makes sense. If you need help, find it soon because there will be a big crush at the end, as there always is.

Five Ways To Apply For 2018 Health Insurance


  • How you apply depends on whether you’re new to the Marketplace:
  • New to Create an account.
  • Have a account? Log in.
  • By Phone

  • A customer service representative helps you fill out an application, review your choices, and enroll in coverage.
  • How: Contact the Marketplace Call Center.
  • With In-Person Help

  • Assisters in your community with special Marketplace training help you fill out an application and enroll.
  • How: Enter your ZIP code to see a list of groups and people near you.
  • Through an agent or broker

  • Agents and brokers help you apply and enroll. (You pay no more with an agent or broker; some may sell only certain companies’ plans.)
  • How: Enter your ZIP code to see a list that includes both agents/brokers and other assisters.
  • By mail

  • Fill out and mail in a paper application. You’ll get eligibility results in the mail within 2 weeks. Create an online account or use the Marketplace Call Center to enroll.
  • How: Download a paper application (PDF) and instructions (PDF). You can apply for 2018 as soon as November 1.

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