”Stay Away From The Suicide Game BlueWhale ”

hello steemit friends,


Hope you all already know about the deadly game name Bluewhale

Blue whale 🐋 game has started using a phone number please don’t call or receive any call or message from this blue 🐋 whale number +917574999093 Forward this to as much contact as possible.

Don’t click any link naming “popcorn carnival”.Its the hidden link for the blue whale challenge. They’ll hack ur mobile and blackmail you to play blue whale game…share as much as possible.don’t be lazy to share…maybe ur friends r relative may suffer.

Blue whale hackers: They say that tomorrow a video comes out by WhatsApp, it’s called Martinelli, do not open it, it hacks your phone in 10 seconds and it can not be stopped in any way. Pass the data to your friends.

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