Pink and Violet Roses—Customized Party Supplies

Personalized Party Supplies On Demand

Joel Pett 2017 Labor Day Cartoon

Since 2014, I’ve been earning a little money every month by creating designs for the POD (print-on-demand) company Zazzle.

Pink and Violet Roses—Party Supplies

Currently, I have three Zazzle stores. In this post, I would like to feature one of my favorite designs from my 400 Planets store.

The Main Image—a Colorful Seamless Pattern

Last year, I designed a flower print or seamless pattern. I use two rose stamps and generated a random pattern using PhotoShop’s Random Fill tool. After generating a pleasing variety of roses, I completed the design with a muted blue-to-brown gradient background.

Designing Products

With my main image ready to go, I started creating new items for my Patterns—Organic category. Zazzle has thousands of products on its website, most of which can be customized or personalized in some way. I usually work with a small subset, creating 50 to 120 products for a particular design: the main design is the image I have created (or adapted) using PhotoShop, but I also consider each individual product in my store as a discrete design.

Joel Pett 2017 Labor Day Cartoon

Zazzle’s New Design Tools

Zazzle provides a design tool that enables customers and designers to customize a product. Last year, Zazzle updated its design tool, adding a lot of new features, including filters. When I started my Pink and Violet Roses designs, I decided to play with the new filters and came up with some interesting results.

First Sale

Joel Pett 2017 Labor Day Cartoon

Last month, I finally made my first sale of my Pink and Violet RosesPink and Violet Roses in a Random Pattern Favor Box. Subsequently, I decided to do more promotion for this design and created several collections and used a pretty pin generator to create pins for Pinterest.

Lastly, I did a slideshow video featuring my roses pattern.

I will probably do more collections, more Pinterest pins and more videos in the future.

Source: All images in this post are from my 400 Planets store.

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