My Facebook ID Got Hacked. Some Precautions To Avoid From Being Hacked

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Today I Wake Up and Open My Facebook it Opened Normally as Usual Then I Left My PC Running For Two Three Or Four Hours Than Suddenly I started to Get Notification About Unknown groups that I had never requested to join. The names of Groups were in an Unknown language that language was not Understandable for me. Then I suspect that there is something wrong with my account but I Ignored that I think that it is might Possible that I have requested that groups in Past. I got At Least 50 60 group approval notifications.I Thought that It was nothing to concern about.

Then Due To some reason here happened to electricity failure due to Weather and it is usual in Pakistan. My PC turned off. After That when I got the Electricity supply again. I turned on My PC, opened Google Chrome and Open a Facebook in A tab I was Shocked to see that Facebook was Asking to Log in Again it was Very strange because My password was saved in Google Chrome So it always keeps me log in. I thought Ok! No Problem Because of Some Reason It is asking.I Entered My Log in Details Facebook Replied That Your Account Has Been Blocked Some Body knows your Password And He Just Used You Account. I was Astonished to look that. 1st I Thought That How it is Possible that How anybody can know my log in Details. Fortunately, I Got Successful In Recovering My Account. But always It is Not Possible.

# How To Be Safe?

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* Choose A complex Password Mixture Of Numbers, Symbols, Spaces, Capital and Small Letters. **Note: Do not Use English Dictionary Words, Your Name, Your Phone Number and Everything that is easy To Remember.**
* Change Your Password At Least, At least After 1 Month. By The Way, My Password Was 1 year Old Haha.
* Do Not Use the Same Password On Every Site. Always Choose A different One.
* Do Not Put Your Password on every Page. First, You Should Look at the URL of the Page before Entering your detail if you found something wrong in URL do not Enter. This Kind of links is Phishing Links. So Be Aware.
* Do not log in with your Facebook account on Every app. Always Log in on Trusted apps.
* Turn On Two-Factor Authentication. On Every Site that offers.
* Use Every Possible Security Option On Every Site.

I hope Bye Following these Roles You can Be more secure.We all know on the internet no one is safe but at least we can have control over our accounts at least.By The way, I have set a Very complex password, Two-factor authentication and every thing that was possible.

**So Best Of Luck,**
##### Regards: Mohsan
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