Lovely visit to Howell Living History Farm in New Jersey yesterday!

This beautiful and educational living museum is only 10-15 minutes away from where we live, just over the bridge into New Jersey.

We had a really nice visit, and wanted to share it with you. All the photos were taken by my husband, Bruce.





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The grounds are lovely and relaxing, a quiet and slow pace here. The animals are healthy and accessible. There is no admission charged. Great place to take the children!

They have events and activities for all ages. The entrance building is wonderful, and has crafts and snacks to buy that teach at the same time.


Pets are not allowed, but my service dog is in a different category – so she calmly stayed with me and my walker.



It is a lot of walking. On Sundays they do not have enough staff to give people a boost with their golf cart if they have trouble walking. I was really proud that I made it – but went to bed very soon after getting home and I am very sore today! LOL








Hope that you enjoyed learning about Farm Life in earlier American History, and that you might have interest in visiting New Jersey and Pennsylvania one day!


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