I will resteem to more than 1500 followers for free ! Join the group, resteem the active people there !


As a lot of people know on steemit, I have this group to help people grow on steemit : [↕ Resteem to post](http://ift.tt/2sFst4Q)

I had this rules for the group : [The rule of The Resteemers is: ”Resteem to be Resteemed”](http://ift.tt/2xdPsGl)

And now I will make the best improvment of the rules and I will add this rule:

To get a resteem from me with more than 1500 followers, you have to follow the rules of the group.

The most important rule for me is to resteem the most active people in the group, because they will also resteem you.

> If you want to support me to help steemit users and improve steemit please upvote and resteem this post, the more people we will have doing this the better the group will be.

Let’s be useful to each other,


Remember if you don’t give you will never get !



> I am a stcrict moderator, I will check every post before I approve it, so let’s not play games and waste my and your time, just resteem someone from the group and I will approve your post and if you will be active I will resteem you also !

I had almost 20k users in the group, I removed about 2k of spammers and I will still remove them.

We have now in the group more than 18k users, let’s improve it, help me to do that, that group was given for me for free from facebook and I converted it into steemit group to help steemit users improve.

The idea of resteem is the idea of internet marketing or social media marketing, more you share more famous you will be !

You can also add this tag #resteemtopost to your post if you want to get resteem from me after following the rules, it will be better for me to find your post in steemit.


[↕ Resteem to post](http://ift.tt/2sFst4Q)

from Steem – recent/ http://ift.tt/2fQ07MU
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