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Gene Catlow is a semi-weekly furry comic strip by Albert Temple and Tawana Gilroy. The main characters in the strip are their fursonas, Gene Catlow and Catswhisker.
Source: Gene Catlow at Keenspot

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July 2000 to December 2016

Gene Catlow debuted on Keenspot in July 2000, but I’ve only been reading it for a few years. On discovering this webcomic, I decided that Gene Catlow was pretty special and, since then, have been reading one episode everyday. The last episode created by Albert Temple was published in December 2016, followed by a few episodes done by his fiance and collaborator Tawana Gilroy.

Gene Catlow, the titular character, not only is the Author Avatar for Albert Temple but is partnered with CatsWhisker, the Author Avatar for Temple’s sweetheart Tawana Gilroy. Temple and Gilroy collaborated on Gene Catlow since its inception. (However, the webcomic bears only Temple’s byline.)

A few weeks ago, Gene Catlow went offline temporarily. In an effort to find out what was going on, I did a search for “Gene Catlow” and discovered the sad news that Albert Temple had died in March 2017, he was only 59 yeas old.

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The plot takes place in a fictional universe where not only humans are intelligent, but also furries and a species referred to as animen. Also, as the plot moves along, many forms of technology gain ‘self-awareness’. In that universe, humans used to be the dominant species, having furries as their pets (or slaves). However, in an economic revolution, furries achieved autonomy and their own economically and politically-stable country.

The comic runs in that scenario, reconstructing these events and dealing with some of the “loose ends” of that situation. Subjects like prejudice, racism, tolerance, power and forgiving are dealt with. Later on, animen are introduced as major characters of the plot, bringing further explanation of the plot’s past and present.

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Main Characters

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—Gene Catlow, a black-haired cat furry.
—Cotton Taylor, a white-haired rabbit
—Catswhisker, a cat with grey fur and ebony-black headfur.
—Canovian Premiere Tavatiana, a white-haired rabbit.

Tawana Gilroy (also known as Catswhisker) is an artist who handled continuity and dialogue for the Gene Catlow webcomic.

Albert Temple was found dead of natural causes in his home at 11:20pm on Thursday, March 9, 2017.

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Lively Art and Engaging Story

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I wholeheartedly recommend Gene Catlow to anyone who enjoys webcomics. Gene Catlow offers lots of interesting characters and an ever evolving story. The tone is mostly light with some comedy but this webcomic gracefully explores important themes and real emotions.

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Please post your comments below and let me know what webcomics you are reading. Are you a Gene Catlow fan?
Sources: Gene Catlow at Keenspot; Gene Catlow Article at WikiFur; Albert Temple Article at WikiFur; Gene Catlow / Webcomic.

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